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"Join the Fruit & Vegetable Party" Activity Book

Bi-lingual Fruit & Vegetable Activity Books

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New! "Fruit & Vegetable Celebration" Activity Booklets

"Join the Fruit & Vegetable Party" Activity Book

Make Fruits & Vegetables
FUN for Everyone!

Hundreds of different activities to promote Fruit & Vegetables with children, teens, adults, groups.


Includes ideas and suggestions for:
• Lessons & programs for classes/groups/teams
• Special events, fairs, sports & holiday programs
• Exhibits & displays; indoor and outdoor programs
• Food service programs; workplace programs

• Fruit & Vegetable stories, songs, games
• short Fruit & Vegetable Show script
• Instructions on how to make your own Fruit & Vegetable costumes, props, and puppets.

Bonus! Book also includes:
20 different Fruit & Vegetable Activity Sheets, for you to copy and use as Worksheets or Coloring Pages

2 Bi-lingual Fruit & Vegetable Activity Books

teaches children how Fruits & Vegetables grow and get to market.

encourages children to eat a variety of Fruits & Vegetables with meals and snacks.

Features English AND Spanish on the same page!

Each book engages the children with:
• simple stories • fun activities to do
• questions to discuss • large pictures to color

Each book also includes:
• Some Hispanic Fruits & Vegetables
• Suggestions for Use
• Reproducible Hand-out for Parents (in English & Spanish)

Ideal for both English and Spanish-speaking children, adults, groups, classes, and families!

$ .99 each
$.89 each/100+

Use for:
• Lessons on Nutrition / '5 A Day' / farming
• Activities for classrooms, clinics, waiting rooms
• Fairs; Special Events
• Cooking Activities
• WIC; Extension; Food Stamp Program
• Gardening Projects
• ESL/Spanish classes

For ages 3-9; Pre-K-Grade 4; Families; Children & Adults in ESL or Spanish classes.

* Minimum 10 Books. Mix these 2 books in any amounts with 3 other Coloring/Activity Books (Fruit & Vegetable, Bean, Food Pyramid)
Call for discount on orders of 100 or more.

3 Coloring/Activity Books

Fruit & Vegetable Coloring Book (Pre-K-2)

Bean Coloring/Activity Book (Grades 1-4)

Food Pyramid Coloring/Activity Book (Grades 1-4)

$ .99 each
$.89 each/100+

These hands-on Coloring/Activity Books teach children about fruits and vegetables, beans and grains, and choosing healthy foods. Simple concepts, large pictures, practical questions, little reading, and large spaces for drawing make these books ideal for young children.

* Minimum 10 Books. Mix these books in any amounts with Bi-lingual Fruit & Vegetable Activity Books.
Call for discount on orders of 50 or more.

NEW! "Fruit & Vegetable Celebration" Activity Booklets
(Set of 4 Booklets)
"Fruit & Vegetable Celebration" Activity Booklets

of 4 booklets

These four delightful and creative Fruit & Vegetable Activity Booklets include: "Fruit & Vegatable Songs"; "Fruit & Vegatable Games"; "Fruit & Vegatable Jokes & Riddles"; "Fruit & Vegatable Story Book." Each booklet gives you a variety of fun materials to help you promote fruits and vegetables to young children. Booklets are colorful, illustrated, and easy-to-use. Songs utilize familiar tunes; games include word, physical, and beanbag games; jokes and riddles are simple and fun; story tells the tale of "The Yummy Salad Band." Permission has been granted for the author to allow for use, so parts are easy to add to your lessons, activities, presentations, handouts, newsletters, and other computer or written materials.

For young children, PreK-Grade 4; also fun and useful for all ages.