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New! "What's New to Eat?" Food Pyramid Game

"Food Pyramid Party" Card Game

"Yummy Fruit & Vegetable Game"

"Fruit & Vegetable Scavenger Hunt" Card Game

NEW! "What's New to Eat?" Food Pyramid Game
What's New to Eat? Game

Regular price: $17.98

What foods will we be eating in the future? Learning about "future foods" will encourage children, teens, teachers, nutritionists, parents and other adults to try them. Playing this innovative Food Pyramid Game makes it fun and easy to learn about "future foods" that may be unfamiliar today but popular tomorrow. Cards show over 75 new foods seen on menus, in markets, and in other countries and communities (e.g. croissants, pomegranates, hummus). For 2-4 players, groups, teams, or classes. Includes instructions for younger and older players. Also includes a Food Description Booklet with information and questions about each of these "future foods"; the booklet can be used for playing many different games (such as Trivial Pursuit), as well as for lessons, food tastings, and other fun activities.

For 2-4 players, groups, teams, or classes.

"Food Pyramid Party" Card Game
Food Pyramid Party Card Game
  • Innovative
  • Colorful
  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Fun

This new game helps children learn how to build well-balanced meals with the healthy foods in the 2005 USDA My Food Pyramid.


  • Each one of the 48 game cards shows a brightly-colored picture of a healthy food from one of the 5 My Food Pyramid Food Groups.
  • Players must make groupings of cards to fit the challenges, e.g. all Fruits, a Breakfast, etc.
  • Game is challenging and requires thought and creativity, as each player creates their own solution to each challenge.

For ages 6-10; Grades 1-5

"Yummy Fruit & Vegetable Game"
Yummy Fruit & Vegetable Game
A Fun & Easy way to
learn about Fruits & Vegetables
and '5 A Day'

Game includes:


  • 10 colorful Menu Boards
  • Fruit & Vegetable Lesson Book with 16 easy-to-use lessons for Pre-K-Grade 5
  • 80 colorful Fruit & Vegetable Cards showing familiar, ethnic, and regional Fruits & Vegetables
  • Instructions for many Fruit & Vegetable activities, lessons, and games (including Bingo)

For 1-10 players, groups, teams, classes. Ages 4 & up.

"Fruit & Vegetable Scavenger Hunt" Card Game
Fruit & Vegetable Scavenger Hunt Card Game
  • Unique & Innovative
  • Educational
  • Fun & Challenging
  • For Adults, Teens, Children of all ages


Colorful Deck with: 60 Cards; over 200 Descriptions; Game Instructions; Answer Key; extra blank cards to add your own selections


Players choose from their card a description of a type of Fruit or Vegetable; for example:
• a Fruit that’s Red
• a Vegetable that’s Good to make Soup
• a Vegetable that’s Large
• a Fruit you need to Peel
• a Vegetable popular for Thanksgiving

Players search for Fruits & Vegetables that fit the descriptions on their card. They can look in the cafeteria, in their lunch, at home, in the market, etc. Players then report back to the group and show, describe, and perhaps even eat the Fruits & Vegetables they found.

Game can also be played as a sit-down card game, with players giving the names of fruits & vegetables that fit the descriptions on their cards.

Can be played by individuals, groups, classes, teams.

Ideal for:
• Nutrition & Health classes/programs
• Food Service
• After-school activities
• WIC & Extension programs
• Adult Fitness classes
• Weight-control groups